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Message from President
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Message from President

Dear members and friends:

North American Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers, (known as NACSAE) was founded by the Chinese professionals in automotive and related industries in North America, of Chinese participation in the global auto industry. NACSAE is a non-profit and non-political group. Its mission is to provide services to its members to promote social and technical exchanges, to promote communications for the automotive related associations and companies in NA, China and other part of the world.

There are over two thousand registered members in NACSAE, most of them are professionals in automotive and related industries; the distribution has a dumbbell shape focusing on North America and China. This distribution reflects the location of two of the world's largest auto market correspondingly. In 2011, Canada branch was established, and in 2014 Shanghai Branch was established, making NACSAE management towards the US-China "dumbbell pattern" a solid step forward.

NACSAE is committed to provide services to its members at three levels. First is to build a social space: through various social clubs and hobbies as ties to strengthen contacts and mutual assistance among members. Second, to create a professional platform: with employment agencies, technical consulting and academic activities to enhance member career development and exchanges. Third is to promote the business platform: development of member companies, and to provide services to OEMs and parts suppliers, looking for business opportunities.

Last year NACSAE’s 501C (3) status granted by United States federal tax administration marks the recognition and support of the work of NACSAE by US government. 501C (3) is a provision of the internal revenue code, whose approval means that associations will receive more federal tax breaks and incentives. Therefore, the Association can accept tax credit donations in the future, enjoy a lower postage and can accept a variety of donor contributions. These preferential policies for NACSAE, also allow our sponsors and partners to be able to share the benefits of this provision with interest. Now, as an official 501C (3) non-profit organization, we welcome those enterprises and individuals who are interested in advancing the development of US-China Automotive industries through various types of support. Donation can enjoy corresponding tax cuts (TAX DEDUCTION), at the same time, NACSAE will have access to match the corresponding donation (DONATION MATCH).

NACSAE as a young, vibrant and energetic professional organization, had already attracted various elite, experts and scholars from the automotive industry, is believed to play an increasingly important role in the tide of progress. However, we are clearly aware that we still have a long way to go. We are open to all constructive ideas that are in conformity with relevant regulations to serve our member better, we are also experimenting a path to motivate interested parties who are committed to contribute to our organization.

If you share the same vision, and would like to join us, please do not hesitate to contact us. we welcome volunteers at all levels. I wish you all a happy and productive 2015.

Fanghui Shi, PhD, President,

North American Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers

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